Liotta Seoul

LIOTTA SEOUL, one of the finest Neo-Grunge Trios from Koblenz, Germany, release their new single ”Tv Shows“.

”Tv Shows“ is a song about escapism in the streaming era and the ‘most pop-punk’ song the band has ever written. In contrast to its dark lyrics, the song itself is uplifting and mixes upbeat pop-punk and shoegaze-ish soundcapes. 

As vocalist Sven Int-Veen observes: ”Nowadays, many people tend to invest too much time binge-watching Tv Shows.- and, of course, he and his bandmates are not excluded from this modern phenomena. „I often experience it myself,  and sometimes a Tv Show can faze me more than real life. I find this – not funny, but let’s call it – interesting. That’s how that song came together“ says Int-Veen. 

The new single comes along with a brand new video with filmed footage directed by Int-Veen and short clips that he drew and animated himself. It’s a homage to something that has disappeared in the streaming era: Zapping through channels. Thinking about the creative process and development of the video, Int-Veen says: “We had lots of fun shooting the short clips and I had even more fun trying to animate in the style of my favorite series I used to watch when I was child. I’m really curious to figure out if our friends, fans and followers can find all the different references that we planted in the video”.

 “Tv Shows“ is taken off the band’s sophomore album ”Hopper“ released in March 2020.