The fact that LIOTTA SEOUL sing “and that’s why I don’t like Sundays” in the chorus of their new single in 2022 and reminds you of a worldwide smash hit from 1979, makes absolute sense: They’re alternative-grunge sound isn’t about being “current” – but sounds really fresh nonetheless. 

With their new single “Beauty Salons” they announce their new album “WORSE” that is set to release November 4th via Krod Records. “Beauty Salons” is a – in terms of Liotta Seoul – timid and more introspective track. The band gets support by pop-newcomer THALA, who helped make the song an anthem for people struggling with Sundays, with her additional vocals. “It’s about all the flaws shortcomings I see in myself” says singer, guitarist, songwriter, videographer and visual mastermind Sven Int-Veen. “Sunday is the last day of the week before everything starts over and you’re reminded of the things you didn’t accomplish”.
Liotta Seoul always find a way to transform this kind of frustration – which probably everyone can relate to – into infinite creativity. Only last year they released their EP “cool.” with four music videos and a self-made browser game, a couple of weeks ago they released their new single “Hypernormal” and started their own podcast “Liotta Seoul Cast” and they’re playing lots of live dates in the upcoming months – it could be worse!

In opposition to the grand 3D-Animation-massacre that was “Hypernormal”, the video for “Beauty Salons” is a one-shot, recorded to VHS-tape. Again, the band proves their sensitivity for visual communication, they can look as diverse as they can sound. Until “WORSE” is officially released by the end of the year, the band is set to release 6 more singles with 6 more music videos.

“WORSE” is set to be release November 4th via Krod Records.
Vinyl pre-orders start on May 27th, along with a new Merch collection