Liotta Seoul is a three piece neo-grunge band hailing from different cities in Germany. Since their founding in the summer of 2017 the band have released a full length, self-titled record, a tape-exclusive single, a twenty-minute live session and multiple music videos.
Crowds from all over Germany have been drawn – not only to the band’s retro-fueled but unique sound – but also to their prominent aesthetic.

While Liotta Seoul utilise distinct 90s sound-traits they do not strictly adhere to milking the listener’s yearning for nostalgia but provide a modern take on those themes and vibes that made 90s rock so special.
Lyrically, the band deals with such themes as abandonment, being a misfit and coping with the bleak monotony of everyday life.

Visually, the band is oriented towards a look that was prominent in MTV’s prime. Wild collages of different aspects of youth culture are interwoven in artworks, music videos, merchandise and stage outfits.
In early 2019 the band travelled to Oakland, California to record their second full-length with grammy-nominated producer Jack Shirley, who has also worked with the likes of Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstock, Gauge Away and Whirr.
Determined to become a household name in contemporary rock music the three boys are eager to release their new record with a string of music videos and stage performances.

The band is:

Sven Int-Veen – Guitars, Vocals & Synthesizers
Lukas Stein – Bass, Backing Vocals & Keys
Nikolas Becker – Drums & Percussion