LIOTTA SEOUL were formed in 2017 in Koblenz, their members Sven Int-Veen, Lukas Stein and Nikolas Becker have since spreaded over half of Germany. Their output has been notable: Their first self-titled record was released in the year of their formation, they recorded and filmed an elaborate live-EP the year after, recorded a second record titled “Hopper” with US-producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Jeff Rosenstok, etc.) in California and released it the following spring in 2020. In spite of playing regular live-shows and garnering a lot of well-spirited reviews, the band is still under the radar of mainstream success. What a shame!

Speaking of “shame”: The shameless manner in which LIOTTA SEOUL just casually drops sounds (and images for that matter) is almost eerie.

Their new EP “Cool” will be available on October first 2021 via Krod Records and is jam-packed with four relentless HITS (yes, all caps), you will want to listen toat least twice in a row.

The opener “Power Drill” sets a violent migraine attack to music. The protagonist – that poor guy – only knows how to deal with the pain by pointing a drill to his head (inspired by Aronofsky’s first flick). The lead guitars drones over the whole thing and sounds like being unable to get out of bed when your head hurts.

Silverchair haven’t written a song like “Like Me” in a very long time. What started as an acoustic song developed into something rumbling yet still intimate.

The music video for the tracks was largely inspired by Space Jam and Wes Anderson movies. This duality suits all of the “Cool” EP very well: funny on the outside, hella depressed on the inside. Those who talk the most smack have the most demons in their closets.

The magician David Blaine is who gives the third track it’s title. “They guy sticks needles through his hand, eats glas and regurgitates frogs and fishes. He’s basically a super human!” exclaims a very thrilled Sven Int-Veen. “It’s a metaphor for trying to be the very best at something, or in our case half decent.” The song came about a couple of days before entering the studios because producer Daniel Jung vetoed another track. Great decision!

You won’t be able to get the riff from the closing track “Airplane” out of your head for weeks. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! “After we had recorded our record “Hopper” in Oakland, CA we boarded a flight and after a couple of hours while everybody on the plane was sleeping, I started crying uncontrollably. I didn’t know why” remembers Sven.

During the first listen the four tracks off of “Cool” sound very familiar, not because LIOTTA SEOUL copy and steal all of their ideas from other songs but because of their hypercreativity.

The band is:

Sven Int-Veen – Guitars, Vocals & Synthesizers
Lukas Stein – Bass, Backing Vocals & Keys
Nikolas Becker – Drums & Percussion